Jharkhand Objective GK

1. History of Jharkhand

1. Most of the tribes living in jharkhand belongs to which race in the following?
(a) Nigroid
(b) Mongoloid
(c) caucasoid
(d) proto-austroloid

2. Isco caves located in which district of Jharkhand?
(a) Palamu (b) Giridih
(c) Garhwa (d) Hazaribagh

3. In which district of Jharkhand ‘Dehongi’ Paleolithic site is located?
(a) Ramgarh (b) Hazaribagh
(c) Palamu (d) Garhwa

4. From which of the following Paleolithic sites found a drawing sample?
(a) Isco (b) Saraiya
(c) Raham (d) Gumla

5. Which of the following Paleolithic sites is in the Ramgarh district?
(a) Kusumgarh (b) Shahpur
(c) Saraiya (d) Raham

6. Which of the following pairs related to the Paleolithic sites and districts is correct?
(a) Palamu-Bajna
(b) Garhwa-Karso
(c) Ramgarh-Jhabar
(d) Hazaribagh-Mandu

7. From which of the following prehistoric sites Rock Sculpture and natural caves have been found?
(a) Jhabar
(b) Mandu
(c) Bhawanathpur
(d) Karso

8. Which animal is depicted in painting founded in prehistoric caves?
(a) Buffalo (b) Lion
(c) cow (d) horse

9. Which of the following excavated sites remanant of 8th century articles founded?
(a) Neemdih (b) Dudhpani
(c) Bebo (d) Usadih

10. Dudhpani Neolithic site is located in the district–
(a) Hazaribageh
(b) Palamu
(c) Garhwa
(d) East Singhbhum

11. From which of the following Paleolithic site remanant of Pala idols have been found?
(a) Dumduma (b) Isco
(c) Saraiya (d) Raham

12. Where is the fort of Mughal era Kumpa fort located?
(a) Palamu (b) C hatra
(c) Sahebganj (d) Ranchi

13. many knives made of Neolithic stone have been found from which of the following sites?
(a) Burhadi
(b) Barudih
(c) Raru river bank
(d) Sarenga

14. Evidence of Megalith culture has been obtained from _______ block of chatra district.
(a) Giddhaur (b) Karua
(c) Budhapur (d) Dalmi

15. From which of the following sites, the evidence of Buddhist monument has been obtained?
(a) Buruhatu (b) Neemdih
(c) Bonagara (d) Dalmi

16. Budhapur Neolithic site presently located in which district of Jharkhand?
(a) Palamu (b) Dhanbad
(c) Garhwa (d) Hazaribagh

17. Which age tools provide ample evidence of existence of tribes in Jharkhand?
(a) P re-Stone Age
(b) Stone Age
(c) C opper Stone Age
(d) historical period

Literary sources

18. What word is used in Vedic literature for Chhota Nagpur region?
(a) Kikat (b) Khukra
(c) P und (d) None of these

19. In which festival of Mahabharata the word puderic is used for Chotta Nagpur region?
(a) Rajvijay (b) Karnavijay
(c) Digvijay (d) None of these

20. The Jharkhand region in Mahabharata has been termed as–
(a) C attle land (b) mountain land
(c) River land (d) Tribal land

21. Who among the following composed Tarik-i-Firoz Shahi?
(a) Abul Fazal
(b) Shams-e-Shiraz Afif
(c) Malik Mohamad Jayasi
(d) Abdul Hameed Lahori

22. In the writing of whom, the term Jharkhand has been mentioned in his verse?
(a) Kabir das (b) Surdas
(c) Raidas (d) Guru Nanak

23. Who was the writer of ‘The Neolithic pattern in the Pre-History of India’?
(a) Bormann (b) Dr. N. Mazumdar
(c) S.C. Rai (d) James Dalton

24. Who is the author of the book “Races and cultures of India” which provides information about the tribes chero, Kharwar, Bhumij, Santhal etc., and their arrival in Jharkhand and their cultural and social life?
(a) Dalton (b) S.C. Roy
(c) Bormann (d) Dr. N. Majumdar

25. Who is the author of ‘The Call of Chhota nagpur’?
(a) Amarnath Das
(b) Gayatri Murmu
(c) Dalton
(d) Bormann

26. Who wrote the book ‘Notes on a tour of Manbhum’?
(a) L. Tickel
(b) Gopal Roy
(c) James Dalton
(d) Father Kamil Bulke

Prehistoric times

27. In which year excavation done in Hazaribagh, where evidences of paleolithic cave paintings and stone tool have been obtained?
(a) 1960 (b) 1980
(c) 1985 (d) 1991

28. From which Paleolithic site picture of maze, space-ship, constellation etc. have been found?
(a) Saraiya (b) Raham
(c) Isco (d) Dehangi

29. Which of the following Neolithic sites is in Chaibasa?
(a) Dargama (b) Budhadih
(c) Balugara (d) Jharwar

30. From which Neolithic site ‘stone slate’ have been found?
(a) Chakgarh (b) Raham
(c) Basia (d) Burju

31. Dargama village is a _______ place.
(a) Paleolithic (b) Mesolithic
(c) Neolithic (d) C halcolithic Age

32. From which Chalcolithic site copper and iron saws have been found?
(a) Basia (b) Isco
(c) Burju (d) Burhadi

Ancient History

33. Which of the following tribes were the oldest primitive tribe of Jharkhand?
(a) Asura (b) Birjia
(c) Bathudi (d) Gond

34. Which tribe of Jharkhand considered as they were proficient in building art?
(a) Khadiya (b) Birhor
(c) Asura (d) Bumji

35. The Proof of first settlement of Khadia tribe found on which river bank?
(a) Damodar (b) Swarna rekha
(c) Niranjana (d) Southern Koyal

36. In relation to which tribe of Jharkhand considered that these people came from Tibet?
(a) Munda (b) Oraon
(c) Santhal (d) Ho

37. Who was the leader of Munda tribe which was appointed by Madra Munda?
(a) Birsa Munda
(b) Sutiya Pahan
(c) Amarnath Pahan
(d) None of these

38. Which tribe of Jharkhand, believed to be related with Dravidian & came from south India?
(a) Oraon (b) C hik Baraik
(c) Gond (d) P ahariya

39. Which language of Jharkhand is found similarly with the kannada language?
(a) Kurukh (b) Malto
(c) Mundari (d) None of these

40. In which period population of Santhal’s increased in Santhal Pargana region?
(a) Mughal period
(b) British period
(c) P ost independence period
(d) P ala’s period

41. According to oraons folklore which tribe inspired oraons to eat meat?
(a) Santhal (b) Munda
(c) Ho (d) Sauria Pahadia

Jharkhand-Vedic Age

42. What name mentioned for the city of Chaibasa in Amarnath Das’s book ‘Amarkosh’ ?
(a) Shrivas (b) Srinagar
(c) C has (d) None of these

43. As per to Aitareya Brahmana which of the following tribes lived in Magadha region?
(a) Santhal (b) Sabar
(c) Kharia (d) Birjia


44. Which of the following writers described as Jharkhand was the birthplace of Gautam Buddha?
(a) Dr. Viratottam
(b) Birman
(c) S.C. Roy
(d) Dr. N. Mazumdar

45. Who is the author of the book ‘Jharkhand History and Culture’?
(a) P yare Kerketta
(b) Raghunath Murmu
(c) Sukhdev Mahato
(d) Dr. Viratottam

46. Who among the following discovered Buddhist ruins in ‘Pakabira’?
(a) Bengler
(b) R.C. Bokan
(c) Dr. Viratottam
(d) Dalton

47. The remains of Buddhist vihar have been found from _______.
(a) Lothari (b) Lathontongari
(c) Belwadag (d) Ichagarh

48. Who Discovered the statue of Buddha from Kankajol in Rajmahal area?
(a) Bolangori (b) C unningham
(c) Dalton (d) R.C. Bokar

49. Which of the following dynasty coins were found from around Ranchi?
(a) Satvahana (b) Kushan
(c) P alava (d) None of these

50. Buddha Statue found from Bhadrakali temple complex, belongs to which century?
(a) 7th (b) 8th
(c) 9th (d) 11th


51. Evidence of the spread of whcih religion found at Kansai and Damodar river basin?
(a) Buddhism (b) Islam
(c) Jain (d) Sikh

52. Which of the following is a famous Jain site?
(a) Pawanpur (b) Rampur
(c) Laxmanpur (d) Hanumanpur

53. Which literary source give details of influence of Jainism in Jharkhand?
(a) Padmavat
(b) Ain-e-Akbari
(c) Acharangasutra
(d) Rehla

54. How many Jain Tirthankaras was attained Salvation on Parasnath hill as per Jain literature?
(a) 18 (b) 20
(c) 21 (d) 17

55. Which Jain Tirthankar attained salvation on Parasnath hill Tirthankarar What happened on the hill?
(a) Rishabhdev
(b) Mahavir
(c) Parshvanath
(d) None of these

56. In which district of Jharkhand Sammed Shikharji hill is located?
(a) Giridih (b) Koderma
(c) Gumla (d) Garhwa

57. Who is the Author of the book ‘Jungle Life in India’
(a) C . Wegner (b) C unningham
(c) Dalton (d) V. Bhal

Jharkhand-Magadha Empire

58. Which word was used for Magadha Mahajanapada?
(a) Kikat (b) Kukkat
(c) P undarik (d) None of these

59. J harkhand hill, plateau and forest areas was part of which Mahajanapada?
(a) Anga (b) Magadha
(c) Kosala (d) Licchavi

60. The extension of Magadha area was between the Ganges and _____ river.
(a) Yamuna (b) Saryu
(c) Sone (d) Swarna rekha

Jharkand-Maurya Empire

61. According to which historian, Jharkhand region was included in the empire of Chandragupta Maurya?
(a) Ramshankar Mahato
(b) Ram Shastri
(c) Dr. N. Majumdar
(d) None of these

62. J harkhand region was mentioned in which inscription of Ashoka?
(a) 10th (b) 11th
(c) 13th (d) 8th

63. Which tribe get mentioned in Ashoka’s inscription?
(a) Atavik (b) Jatav
(c) Asura (d) Birhor

64. In which of the following literature, ‘Kukurdesh’ word used for Jharkhand region?
(a) Upanishads (b) Rigveda
(c) Arthshasthra (d) Samveda

65. According to Arthashastra, which officer was appointed to control the forest dwellers?
(a) Atwari (b) Atvik
(c) Gopam (d) Senger

66. According to Kautilya ‘Arthashastra’ there is a discussion of obtaining diamond from which river?
(a) Indravahka
(b) Damodar
(c) Swarna rekha
(d) Konar

67. Tamralipati was a famous _____ in Mauryan period.
(a) Roadways (b) Officers
(c) State (d) P ort

68. Which of the Mauryan Route Mentioned in Arthashastra passed through Jharkhand region?
(a) Uttarapath
(b) Dakshinapath
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

Jharkhand-Later Maurya

69. Indosythian coins were founded at which of the following region?
(a) Ranchi (b) P alamu
(c) Chaibasa (d) Garhwa

70. Which ruler of Gupta dynasty launched his conquest for Jharkhand region?
(a) Chandragupta-II
(b) Kumargupta
(c) Samudragupta
(d) Skandagupta

71. The word ‘Murund Desh’ is used for Chhota Nagpur region in Prayag Prashasti, who composed this word?
(a) Harishen (b) Samudragupta
(c) Ashoka (d) Shashank

72. According to Hiuen Tsang, which ruler had establish his dominion over the entire Jharkhand?
(a) Kumargupta (b) Shashank
(c) Shishunaga (d) Devpal

73. Shashank was a follower of which religion?
(a) Jainism (b) Buddhism
(c) Shaivism (d) Vaishnavism

74. Which of the following dynasties did not invade in the Jharkhand region?
(a) Gurjara-Pratihara
(b) Rashtrakuta
(c) Pal
(d) Satvahana

Jharkhand-Rise of Local Dynasties

75. Raksel dynasty had established in which district of Jharkhand?
(a) Ramgarh (b) P alamu
(c) Hazaribagh (d) Garhwa

76. Keonjhar dynasty belong to which region of the Jharkhand?
(a) Chhota nagpur khas
(b) Palamu
(c) Singhbhum
(d) Chatra

77. Which dynasty was founded in Chhota nagpur Khas area?
(a) Nagavansh (b) Munda
(c) Panchet (d) Kankjol

78. Under whose leadership, Munda state was the first created?
(a) Risha Munda
(b) Sutiya Pahan
(c) Birsa Munda
(d) None of these

79. In how many strongholds Sutiya Nagkhand state was divided?
(a) 8 (b) 6
(c) 7 (d) 9

80. Which one of the following was not a stronghold of Sutiya Nagkhand?
(a) Hazaribagh
(b) Palungarh
(c) Mangarh
(d) Palamugarh

81. Which one of the following was the stronghold of Sutiya Nagkhand?
(a) Surgugarh (b) Surajgarh
(c) Sonargarh (d) Ramgarh

82. In how many Parganas Sutiya Pahan divided his seven strongholds?
(a) 18 (b) 20
(c) 21 (d) 22

83. Which one of the following wasn’t the pargana of Sutiya Nagkhand?
(a) Khukra (b) Birna
(c) Lachra (d) Budhapur


84. Which dyanasty was founded by Phanimukut Rai?
(a) Nagavansh (b) C hero
(c) Singhvansh (d) P anchet

85. In which of the following areas Nagavanshi ruler did not had any suzeranity.
(a) Ramgarh (b) Gola
(c) Palani (d) Garhwa

86. Who was the Governor General of India, when Naga dynasty establishment reported to him?
(a) Lord Cornwallis
(b) Lord Dalhousie
(c) Lord Minto
(d) Lord Ripon

87. Where was the capital of Nagavanshi ruler Phanimukut Rai?
(a) C has (b) Sutiya Khand
(c) Sutiyambe (d) None of these

88. In how many Parganas Nagavanshi ruler divided their kingdom?
(a) 50 (b) 66
(c) 70 (d) 75

89. Who among the following prepared the Nagavanshavali?
(a) Beniram Mehta
(b) Ram Shastri
(c) Dalton
(d) Father Gossner

90. Which Nagavanshi ruler shifted Sutiyambe capital from to Chutia (bank of Swarna rekha river)
(a) Bhim Karna
(b) Gandharva Rai
(c) Gopal Rai
(d) Medini Rai

91. Which of following title assumed by Nagavanshi ruler?
(a) Karna
(b) Suryavanshi
(c) Maharajadhiraja
(d) None of these

92. Who changed the capital due to fear of invasion of the Ottoman ruler Bakhtiyar Khilji?
(a) Bhima Karna
(b) Gandharva Rai
(c) Gopal Rai
(d) Medini Rai

Raksel Dynasty

93. Which of the following dynasty was a Rajput dynasty?
(a) Raksel Dynasty
(b) C hero Dynasty
(c) Mann Dynasty
(d) None of these

94. Raksel Dynasty was divided into how many branches?
(a) 3 (b) 4
(c) 5 (d) 2

95. Which dynasty ruled Kundelwa region?
(a) Singh Dynasty
(b) C hero Dynasty
(c) Raksel Dynasty
(d) Mann Dynasty

Chero Kharwar Dynasty

96. Which ruler establish their rule on Japla area of Palamu?
(a) C hero Kharwar Dynasty
(b) Dhal Dynasty
(c) Maan Dynasty
(d) Singh Dynasty

97. Who was the most powerful ruler of the Kharwar tribe?
(a) Bhim Dhawal Kharwar
(b) P ratap Dhawal Kharwar
(c) Suresh Dhawal Pratap
(d) None of these

98. Which dynasty was related to Tilayath, Tarachandi and Phulwari inscriptions?
(a) Raksel Dynasty
(b) Mann Dynasty
(c) C hero Kharwar
(d) P anchet Dynasty

99. Which tribe entered along with oraon tribe in Palamu region from south India?
(a) Birajia (b) Marh
(c) Gond (d) Khond

Maan Dynasty

100. Hazaribagh and Singhbhum region was ruled by which dynasty?
(a) Raksel Dynasty
(b) C hero Kharwar Dynasty
(c) Naga dynasty
(d) Maan dynasty

101. Sources of Information about Manvansh king was the Inscription of Govindpur (Dhanbad), was written by poet–
(a) Govindacharya
(b) Madhvacharya
(c) Gangadhar
(d) Raghuveer singh

102. Which tribe flee to the Panchet region due to tyranny of Man dynasty kings?
(a) Sabar (b) Birhor
(c) Bathudi (d) Asura

103. Which state was established by Baghdev Singh?
(a) Panchet (b) Singhbhum
(c) Palamu (d) Ramgarh

104. ‘They were the feudal of first Nagavanshi kings’ this statement is said in context of ruler of which area in Jharkhand?
(a) Ramgarh (b) Singhbhum
(c) Hazaribagh (d) Rohtasgarh

105. Where was the capital of Ramgarh state?
(a) Panchet (b) Raham
(c) Isco (d) Sisia

Kharagadiha State

106. Which state was founded in 15th century between Hazaribagh and Gaya region?
(a) Kharagadiha (b) P anchet
(c) Singhbhum (d) None of these

107. Who is considered the founder of Kharagadiha state?
(a) Nrapendra Singh
(b) Hansraj Dev
(c) C handan Dev
(d) Kunal Pratap Singh

Panchet State

108. In which area was the state of Panchet established?
(a) Dhalbhum (b) Manbhum
(c) Singhbhum (d) Garwah

109. Which of the following kings was related to the state of Panchet?
(a) Amit Lal (b) Anit Lal
(c) Sunit Lal (d) Mohit Lal

110. Which of the following was the state emblem of Panchet state?
(a) Kapila cow’s tail
(b) Lion
(c) Tiger
(d) Horse

Singh Dynasty

111. Which of the following region was dominated by Singh dynasty?
(a) P anchet (b) Singhbhum
(c) Ramgarh (d) Hazaribagh

112. Who among the following called Singhbhum the land of Singh Kings of Porahat?
(a) John Dalton (b) W.W. Hunter
(c) C unningham (d) Dr. N. Majumdar

113. Who is the author of the book ‘Singhbhum, Seraikela-Kharsawan Through The Ages’?
(a) Tikait Umrao Singh
(b) Tikait Nrapendra Narayan Singh
(c) Tikait Jagannath Singh
(d) Tikait Kunal Pratap Singh

114. Who was the founder of Porahat state?
(a) Kashinath Singh
(b) Tikait Kunal Pratap Singh
(c) Darpanarayan Singh
(d) Arjun Singh

115. Who among the following rulers of the Singh dynasty established ‘Paura Devi’ as the presiding deity of their kingdom?
(a) Kashinath Singh
(b) Kashi Ram Singh
(c) Achyut Singh
(d) Darpanarayan Singh

116. The tyranny of which of the following rulers of the Singh dynasty led to Bhuiyan rebellion?
(a) Arjun Singh (b) Achyut Singh
(c) Ajeet Singh (d) Jagannath Singh

117. Which of the following dynasties was considered a proponent of the human sacrifice?
(a) Singh Dynasty
(b) Dhal Dynasty
(c) Raksel Dynasty
(d) Mann Dynasty

118. According to who, the Dhal Dynasty was established by the child born to a Brahmin girl?
(a) Benglar (b) Hunter
(c) S.C. Roy (d) Burman

Medieval History Jharkhand – Delhi Sultanate

119. Who was the ruler of Chhota Nagpur region during the reign of Iltutmish and Balban?
(a) Lakshman Karna
(b) Hemant Karna
(c) Hari Karna
(d) P ratap Karna

120. Alauddin Khilji’s commander attacked Chhota Nagpur in 1310 AD and collected tax.
(a) Malik Kafur
(b) Malik Chhajju
(c) Malik Baya
(d) Malik Ahsan

121. Which dynasty defeated the Santhal chieftains and took control over the Fort of Bheega?
(a) Gulam (b) Syed
(c) Khilji (d) Tughlaq

122. Who among the following made Satgaon a capital?
(a) Balban
(b) Feroz Shah Tughlaq
(c) Iltutmish
(d) Alauddin Khilji

123. Suryavansh was established by the minister of Ganga dynasty.
(a) Mahendra (b) Surendra
(c) Kapilendra (d) None of these

124. Which two dynasties fiercely fought in Korambe?
(a) Singh Dynasty – Raksel Dynasty
(b) Raksel Dynasty – Nag Dynasty
(c) Singh Dynasty – Nag Dynasty
(d) Singh Dynasty – Mann Dynasty

125. Which of the following is called as Jharkhand’s Haldighati?
(a) Korambe (b) Khukhragarh
(c) Rohtasgarh (d) Tamar

126. Who is the author of ‘Chaitanya Charitamrita’?
(a) Ravidas (b) Kabirdas
(c) Krishnadas (d) None of these

127. What is mentioned in ‘Chaitanya Charitamrita’?
(a) Korambe
(b) Teliagarh Durg
(c) Tamar
(d) The Chhota Nagpur region

Jharkhand – Mughal Dynasty

128. Who ruled Palamau during the Mughal dynasty?
(a) Nag (b) Singh
(c) Raksel (d) Mann

129. Who is the author of the book ‘The Nagabanshis and the Cheros’?
(a) Father Hoffman
(b) B. Virottam
(c) C amille Bulcke
(d) Cunningham

130. Who did B. Virottam considered as the founder of the Chero dynasty?
(a) Bhagwat Rai
(b) Medini Rai
(c) P ratap Rai
(d) Kunal Rai

131. Who did Shershah defeat and ruled Rajmahal area?
(a) Bhim Karna
(b) Medini Rai
(c) Humayun
(d) Ibrahim Shah

132. Who was the most famous king of the Chero dynasty?
(a) Medini Rai
(b) Gopal Rai
(c) Bhagwat Rai
(d) Anant Rai

133. The Battle of Tukaroi took place between whom?
(a) Sher Shah-Humayun
(b) Maharath Chero-Sher Khan
(c) Sher Shah-Medini Rai
(d) Abdurraheem-Khan-e-Khana- Junaid Karrani

134. Who was the ruler of Nag dynasty during the invasion by Mughals?
(a) Madhukar Shah
(b) Karam Shah
(c) Baghwat Rai
(d) Anant Rai

135. Who accepted subordination of the Mughals and joined a team of the bodyguards of Man Singh?
(a) Kameshwar Singh
(b) Ranjeet Singh
(c) Narpat Singh-I
(d) Lakshmi Narayan Singh

136. Under whose leadership did Akbar send its forces to establish control over the Chero state?
(a) Shahbaz Khan
(b) Shaista Khan
(c) Man Singh
(d) Junaid Khan

137. Where did Man Singh build a fort?
(a) Rohtasgarh
(b) Ramgarh
(c) P alamu
(d) Dhanbad (Manbhum)

138. Under whose leadership did Akbar control Teliagarh?
(a) Man Singh
(b) Todarmal
(c) Shahbaz Khan
(d) Shaista Khan

139. J harkhand came to the attention of which dynasty after the discovery of diamond from the river Sankh?
(a) Ghulam dynasty
(b) Khilji dynasty
(c) Tughlaq dynasty
(d) Mughal dynasty

140. After Akbar’s death, who refused to accept the subordination of the Mughals?
(a) Durjanshal (b) Arjun Singh
(c) P ratap Rai (d) Medini Rai

141. In which of the following Mughal emperor’s autobiography are the diamonds discovered from river Sankh described?
(a) Babur (b) Humayun
(c) Akbar (d) Jahangir

142. Who among the following Mughal rulers gave Durjanshal the title of Shah?
(a) Akbar (b) Jahangir
(c) Humayun (d) Aurangzeb

143. How much annual tax did Durjanshal agree to give?
(a) 6,000 (b) 8,000
(c) 9,000 (d) 10,000

144. Which Chero ruler looted the Mughal Convoys on Sadak-e-Azam?
(a) Anant Rai
(b) Sahabal Rai
(c) Bhagwat Rai
(d) Hamir Rai

145. When did Shah Jahan revolt and took over the Rajmahal area?
(a) 1620 AD (b) 1622 AD
(c) 1625 AD (d) 1628 AD

146. Which Chero ruler was offered the title of Ek Hazari Mansab by Shah Jahan?
(a) Sahabal Rai (b) Durjanshal
(c) Pratap Rai (d) Anant Rai

147. Who did Aurangzeb appoint as a military commander of Palamu?
(a) Dawood Khan
(b) Mahavat Khan
(c) Ibrahim Khan
(d) Mankali Khan

148. The reign of which Chero ruler was golden era for ‘agriculture’?
(a) Pratap Rai
(b) Medini Rai
(c) Bhagwat Rai
(d) Anant Rai

149. Who succeeded Medini Rai?
(a) Durjanshal (b) Raghunath Shah
(c) Rudra Rai (d) Pratap Rai

150. Which ruler constructed the Ram Temple of Chutiya?
(a) Medini Rai
(b) Thakur Shahdev
(c) Raghunath Shah
(d) None of these

151. In which fort is the famous ‘Nagpuri Darwaza’ located?
(a) Palamu Fort
(b) Navratangarh Fort
(c) Doisagarh Fort
(d) Ramgarh Fort

152. Where did the Mughals establish a royal mint?
(a) Palamu (b) Rajmahal
(c) Manbhum (d) Singhbhum

153. Who founded the state of Kunda?
(a) Jaipal Singh
(b) Ram Singh
(c) Vinod Singh
(d) Dalel Singh

154. Which ruler shifted the capital of Ramgarh state from Badam to Ramgarh?
(a) Ram Singh
(b) Dalel Singh
(c) Raghunath Singh
(d) Yadunath Singh

155. Who among the following Mughal commander invaded Palamu in 1641 AD?
(a) Shaista Khan
(b) Zafar Khan
(c) Dawood Khan
(d) Man Singh

Modern History

156. Which of the following rulers stopped paying taxes to Mughals?
(a) Ani Shah
(b) Ram Shah
(c) Yadunath Shah
(d) Jagannath Shah

157. Where did Alivardi Khan attacked in 1734?
(a) Chatra (b) Palamu
(c) Garhwa (d) Ramgarh

158. During the reign of which Nagavanshi ruler was the first invasion by Marathas on Jharkhand?
(a) Yadunath Shah
(b) Uday Shah
(c) Shyamsundarnath Shah
(d) Ani Shah

159. During the reign of which Nagavanshi ruler, did the British enter Jharkhand for the first time?
(a) Darpanath Shah
(b) Gopal Shah
(c) Anant Shah
(d) Jagannath Shah

160. Which city did Hidayat Ali Khan made his capital?
(a) Hunterganj (b) Hussainabad
(c) Haidernagar (d) P alanpur

161. Under whose leadership did Marathas plunder the Rajmahal area in 1748- 1750 AD?
(a) Raghunath Rao
(b) Balaji Rao
(c) Mir Habib
(d) None of these

162. Which Nagavanshi ruler had sought the support of British from the liberation of the Maratha terror?
(a) Vishnu Shah (b) Dipnath Shah
(c) Uday Shah (d) Vikramnath Shah

163. When did Bengal’s Naib Nawab get the fortification of Rajmahal done?
(a) 1710 (b) 1711
(c) 1712 (d) 1715

164. Where was the capital of Chas/Chai/ Chay state?
(a) Bigha (b) Digha
(c) Kamrup (d) Tamar

165. Who established an independent Seraikela State in 1620?
(a) Hemant Singh
(b) Vikram Singh
(c) Chandra Dev Singh
(d) Thakur Ani shah

Jharkhand: Arrival of East India Company

166. In which year did the East India debut in Jharkhand?
(a) 1757 AD (b) 1760 AD
(c) 1767 AD (d) 1768 AD

167. Under whose leadership did the company send its forces to attack Singhbhum?
(a) Ferguson (b) Major Adams
(c) Lee Grand (d) C aptain Hawkins

168. Who was appointed as the ruler by the company after overthrowing Jagannath Dhal?
(a) Jatra Dhal
(b) Neemu Dhal
(c) Sukhdev Dhal
(d) Shivnath Dhal

169. When was the treaty between British officer Forbes and the king of Porahat signed?
(a) 1767 (b) 1770
(c) 1772 (d) 1773

170. Who did the company give the responsibility of united Chhota Nagpur, Palamu and Ramgarh which was converted to one district in 1773 AD?
(a) Jacob (b) Dalton
(c) C amac (d) Evans

171. When did the company declare Seraikela as its revenue?
(a) 1875 (b) 1880
(c) 1890 (d) 1899

172. Who defeated Mir Qasim and established the rule of the British in Rajmahal area in 1763?
(a) Major Adams
(b) Dalton
(c) C aptain Camac
(d) Evans

173. Mughal emperor Shah Alam gave away lacs in annual revenues of Bihar, Bengal and Odisha to the British.
(a) 14 (b) 20
(c) 22 (d) 26

Major Rebellions and Movements of Jharkhand Tamar Revolt

174. Which tribe did the Tamar rebellion belong to?
(a) Munda (b) Ho
(c) Oraon (d) Khadiya

175. When did the Tamar rebellion start?
(a) 1780 AD (b) 1785 AD
(c) 1787 AD (d) 1789 AD

Chero Revolt

176. The Chero rebellion started against whom in 1880?
(a) King (b) British
(c) Deeku (d) Landlord

177. Who did the company overthrow and made Gopal Rai as the king?
(a) C hudaman
(b) Yadunath Singh
(c) Jaynath Singh
(d) Jaypal Singh

178. Under whose leadership did the Chero rebellion start?
(a) Gopal Rai
(b) Jaynath Singh
(c) Uday Singh
(d) Bhushan Singh

Ho Revolt

179. Between 1821-22, the people of ‘Ho’ of the area revolted against the king of Singhbhum.
(a) Manbhum
(b) Saraikela
(c) C hhota Nagpur
(d) Palamu

180. Who commanded the company at the time of the Ho rebellion?
(a) C unningham
(b) Major Adams
(c) C aptain Lee Grand
(d) Raphsage

Kol Revolt

181. Whom did the Kol revolt start against?
(a) Diku (b) Landlord
(c) British (d) Both (a) and (b)

182. Kol rebellion was a joint rebellion by the tribe ‘Kol and ’.
(a) Munda (b) Oraon
(c) P ahadiya (d) Khadiya

183. Who among the following was not leading the Kol rebellion?
(a) Buddha Bhagat
(b) Jatra Bhagat
(c) Singh Roy
(d) Surya Munda

184. Under whose leadership did the Army go to suppress the Kol uprising?
(a) Major Roughsage
(b) C apt. Wilkinson
(c) Major Baro
(d) John Dalton

185. Which of the following laws did the company enact as a result of the Kol rebellion?
(a) Regulation – XV
(b) Regulation – XII
(c) Regulation – X
(d) Regulation – XIII

186. Who was appointed the first governor of the area which was declared as a new administrative region after the Kol rebellion?
(a) Major Baro (b) Wilkinson
(c) Lee Grand (d) C unningham

187. When did Kol rebellion take place?
(a) 1821–22 (b) 1831–32
(c) 1834–35 (d) 1841–42

Bhumij Revolt

188. What did the British call the Bhumij revolt?
(a) Ramnarayan’s uproar
(b) Ganganarayan’s uproar
(c) Jagat Narayan’s uproar
(d) None of these

189. Which area’s king led the Bhumij revolt?
(a) Manbhum (b) Singhbhum
(c) Seraikela (d) Barabhum

190. Whose joint revolt was the Bhumij rebellion?
(a) Tribal Zamindars
(b) Tribal people
(c) Diku
(d) Both (a) and (b)

191. Who did the Company send to suppress the Bhumij revolt?
(a) Timmer (b) Major Adams
(c) Major Baro (d) Lee Grands

192. The king of which region helped the British in the Bhumij rebellion?
(a) Manbhum (b) P anchet
(c) Kharsawan (d) Ramgarh

193. Which new district was formed as a result of Bhumij rebellion?
(a) Hazaribagh (b) Gumla
(c) Manbhum (d) Singhbhum

Santhal Revolt

194. Which region of Jharkhand was called ‘Damin-i-koh’?
(a) Santhal Pargana
(b) C hhota Nagpur
(c) Seraikela
(d) Hazaribagh

195. What do the Santhal community call bonded laborers?
(a) P unia (b) Bandhiya
(c) Kamiyaan (d) Akshwa

196. Which rebellion started under the leadership of Siddhu-Kanhu?
(a) Kol (b) Santhal
(c) Bhumij (d) Kharwar

197. Which of the following rebellions had a slogan: ‘Do or Die, British leave our Soil’?
(a) Munda (b) Bhumij
(c) Santhal (d) Kharwar

198. Where were Siddhu and Kanhu hanged?
(a) Barahat (b) Silli
(c) Tamar (d) Virbhum

199. When was Santhal Parganas district duly established as a result of Santhal rebellion?
(a) November 30,1855
(b) November 30,1856
(c) March 30, 1856
(d) January 1, 1856

200. Who was appointed as the first District Collector of Santhal Pargana?
(a) James Adam
(b) David Cooper
(c) Ashlee Aden
(d) William Kevin

201. Every year, when is the “Hul and Santhal Viplav Diwas” celebrated?
(a) 1 January (b) 28 March
(c) 18 June (d) 30 June

Sardari Movement

202. Between 1859-1881, ‘Madhya Chala’ revolt is known as what rebellion?
(a) Hul (b) Bhumij
(c) Sardari (d) Kharwar

203. Who among the following has described the Sardari agitation in his book “The Mundas”?
(a) David Cooper
(b) James Kevin
(c) S.C. Roy
(d) D.N. Majumdar

204. Which of the following was not an objective of the Sardari revolt?
(a) Abolition of caste system
(b) Abolition of begari system
(c) Excrition of landlords
(d) Abolition of land ban

Kharwar Revolt

205. Who led the Kharwar revolt?
(a) Ganganarayan
(b) Bhagirath Manjhi
(c) Jatra Munda
(d) Jaganath Manjhi

206. In which of the following movements was ‘liquor’ opposed?
(a) Bhumij
(b) Kharwar
(c) Sardari
(d) None of these

207. What was the second name of the Kharwar revolt?
(a) Safa Hor (b) Jatra
(c) Ulgulan (d) Hul

208. The Kharwar revolt was related to which tribe?
(a) Ho (b) Munda
(c) Santhal (d) Khadiya

209. What were indifferent people called in the Kharwar revolt?
(a) Vauj (b) Babjiya
(c) Sakhudi (d) Namanjhi

Birsa Munda Revolt

210. When was the Birsa Munda revolt started?
(a) 1890 (b) 1891
(c) 1892 (d) 1895

211. Who among the following rebellion leader has been recognized as an incarnation of god?
(a) Birsa Munda
(b) Kharwar
(c) Bhumij
(d) Santhal

212. Against whom did the Birsa Munda revolt take place?
(a) Moneylenders
(b) Landlords
(c) Dikuas
(d) All of the above

213. Which of the following was not an objective of the Birsa Munda revolt?
(a) Independent Munda
(b) Excrition of Dikus
(c) Establishment of state
(d) Not paying rent

214. From where did the Company army arrest Birsa Munda?
(a) Khunti (b) Ranchi
(c) Dhanbad (d) Tamar

215. When were the British attacked for the second time during the Birsa Munda revolt?
(a) January 1, 1897
(b) March 8, 1897
(c) August 15, 1897
(d) December 25, 1897

216. As a result of the Birsa Munda rebellion, which subdivision was formed in 1908?
(a) Gumla (b) Lohardaga
(c) Koderma (d) C hatra

217. As a result of which rebellion movement, a land related system “Mundari Khuntkari” was implemented for the first time?
(a) Farmer
(b) Bhumij
(c) Birsa Munda
(d) Santhal

Tana Bhagat Movement

218. Which of the following movement is said to have taken birth from the Birsa Munda revolt?
(a) Tana Bhagat (b) Tamar
(c) Kharwar (d) None of these

219. When did the Tana Bhagat movement commence?
(a) 1904 (b) 1908
(c) 1911 (d) 1914

220. Which tribe’s branch was Tana Bhagat?
(a) Khadiya (b) Oraon
(c) Ho (d) Gond

221. J atra Bhagat was the leader of which movement?
(a) Bhumij
(b) Kharwar
(c) Tana Bhagat
(d) None of the above

222. Which of the following rebels supported Mahatma Gandhi’s national movement?
(a) Kharwar
(b) Santhal
(c) Tana Bhagat
(d) None of the above

The Revolt of 1857

223. The revolt of 1857 started in the village of Jharkhand’s Deoghar region.
(a) Rohanpur (b) Rohini
(c) Hunterganj (d) Santhalpur

224. Which Major was first killed in the course of the revolt of 1857?
(a) Major Lee Grand
(b) Major Leslie
(c) Major Cooper
(d) Major Kevin

225. Where was the headquarters of the Ramgarh Battalion located?
(a) Ranchi (b) Dhanbad
(c) Bokaro (d) Khunti

226. During the revolt of 1857, from where did Surendra Shahi lead?
(a) Hazaribagh (b) Ranchi
(c) Chatra (d) Singhbhum

227. Who was Commissioner of Ranchi in 1857?
(a) Cunningham
(b) James Watson
(c) Lt. Dot
(d) Dalton

228. Who led the revolt of 1857 in Palamu?
(a) Ganpat Rai
(b) Nadir Ali
(c) Nilambar–Pitambar
(d) Madhav Singh

229. During the revolt of 1857 which rebellion did Arjun Singh lead?
(a) P alamu (b) C hatra
(c) Ranchi (d) Singhbum

230. When was Martial Law implemented in Jharkhand?
(a) June 12, 1857
(b) June 26, 1857
(c) July 7, 1857
(d) August 10, 1857

231. Who among the following was hanged on Tagore Hills near Ranchi?
(a) Umrao Singh – Sheikh Bhikhari
(b) Pandey Ganpat Rai – Vishwanath Shahdev
(c) Nilambar – Pitambar
(d) Nadir Ali

232. During the revolt of 1857, the property of which temple did the Britishers seize?
(a) P ahari Temple
(b) Deodi Temple
(c) C hutia Temple
(d) Jagannath Temple

233. Who was the most (universally) accepted leader of Singhbhum region in 1857?
(a) Surjan Singh
(b) Shyam Karna
(c) Jaggu Deewan
(d) Arjun Singh


234. Which of the following Nagvanshi ruler started the practice of Jani Shikar?
(a) Medini Rai (b) Kanchan Rai
(c) Gopal Rai (d) Hemant Rai

235. Which of the following Palamu ruler defeated the Mughals and restored his power?
(a) Medini Rai
(b) Kanchan Rai
(c) Bhagwat Rai
(d) Hemant Rai

236. When did the agreement between Shah Jahan and Palamu Naresh Pratap Rai take place?
(a) 1605 (b) 1620
(c) 1623 (d) 1644

237. In 1692, agreement was struck between Aurangzeb and which ruler?
(a) Medini Rai (b) Harinath Shah
(c) Ramshah (d) None of these

238. When did the Chuar revolt take place?
(a) 1757 (b) 1760
(c) 1769 (d) 1772

239. In 1775, who was appointed as a Civil Collector for Palamu, Ramgarh and Chhota Nagpur?
(a) S.P. Whitley
(b) Mark Cooper
(c) David Lemon
(d) James Cooper

240. When was Tilka Manjhi hanged in Bhagalpur?
(a) 1772 (b) 1775
(c) 1780 (d) 1785

241. When was the Zamindari police started?
(a) 1785 (b) 1789
(c) 1085 (d) 1806

242. In 1824, where was the Lah Research Centre established?
(a) Silli (b) Barbigha
(c) Namkum (d) Tamar

243. Which of the following districts was established in 1836?
(a) Ramgarh (b) Hazaribagh
(c) C hatra (d) P alamu

244. When did Wilkinson rule come into force in Kolhan region?
(a) 1806 (b) 1828
(c) 1832 (d) 1837

245. Which religion entered Jharkhand in 1845?
(a) Islam (b) Vaishnavism
(c) C hristianity (d) None of these

246. In 1859, in which of the regions of Jharkhand the ‘Sell and Rent Law’ was implemented?
(a) Santhal Pargana
(b) Kolhan
(c) Hazaribagh
(d) C hhota Nagpur

247. Which Nagvanshi ruler built several beautiful residential buildings and temples after being released from the captivity of the Mughals (during the reign of Jahangir) in the capital ‘Doisa’?
(a) Durjan Shah
(b) Madhukaran Shah
(c) Arjun Shah
(d) Karna Shah

248. The ‘Gomukh’ King who built the fort of Panchkot was related to which dynasty?
(a) Raksel (b) C her
(c) Govanshi (d) Singh

249. The plains (river valley area) of which part of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau is called “Chaubis ka Maidan”?
(a) P lateau part of Ranchi
(b) P lateau part of Hazaribagh
(c) Rajmahal hills
(d) Damodar Valley region

250. In which city of Jharkhand is the Governor House situated?
(a) Ranchi (b) Dhanbad
(c) Bokaro (d) Hazaribagh

251. When was Chhota Nagpur Unnati Samaj formed?
(a) 1908 (b) 1915
(c) 1920 (d) 1922

252. Under whose leadership was the Adivasi Mahasabha formed in 1938?
(a) Ignesh Bake
(b) Jaipal Singh Munda
(c) Kartik Oraon
(d) None of these

253. In 1941 AD, the entry named ‘Ol Chemet’ was published, which tribe did it belong to?
(a) Santhal (b) Ho
(c) Khadiya (d) Birhor

254. When was the All India Jharkhand Party formed?
(a) 1936 (b) 1940
(c) 1945 (d) 1947

255. ‘United Jharkhand Block’ was formed by which of the following?
(a) Justice Richard
(b) John Dalton
(c) Mark Cooper
(d) None of these

256. Among which of the following tribes was the Renaissance movement of millions of Bodras?
(a) Oraon (b) Ho
(c) Khadiya (d) Gond

257. When was the ‘Tribal Socio- Education and Cultural association’ formed?
(a) 1920 (b) 1935
(c) 1942 (d) 1952

258. When did Jharkhand Party merge with Congress Party?
(a) 1947 (b) 1952
(c) 1963 (d) 1965

259. When was Akhil Bhartiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad formed?
(a) 1958 (b) 1963
(c) 1966 (d) 1970

260. When was Hul Jharkhand Party formed?
(a) 1952 (b) 1960
(c) 1965 (d) 1968

261. In 1969, which society formed the Shivaji Samaj?
(a) Kurmi (b) Yadav
(c) Rajput (d) Santhal

262. When was the Sonot Santhal Samaj formed?
(a) 1965 (b) 1970
(c) 1972 (d) 1975

263. Who formed the Marxist Coordination?
(a) Surya Singh Besra
(b) Vinod Bihari Mahato
(c) A.K. Rai
(d) Shibu Soren

264. Under whose leadership in 1973 the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha was formed?
(a) Vinod Bihari Mahato
(b) Sukhdev Mahato
(c) Surya Singh Besra
(d) Kartik Mahato

265. When was the Santhal Pargana Autonomous Development Authority formed?
(a) 1978 (b) 1981
(c) 1985 (d) 1990

266. When was the Adivasi Ho Samaj Mahasabha established?
(a) 1978 (b) 1980
(c) 1985 (d) 1990

267. Who was the first President of All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU) which was formed in 1986?
(a) Surya Singh Besra
(b) Jaypal Singh Munda
(c) Kartik Oraon
(d) P rabhakar Tirkey

268. When was the Jharkhand Samanyava Committee formed?
(a) 1980 (b) 1985
(c) 1987 (d) 1990

269. Which party demanded a separate Vananchal State in 1988?
(a) BJP
(b) Janta Party
(c) AJSU Party
(d) Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

270. In 1989, by whom was the Jharkhand Vishayak Samiti formed?
(a) The Bihar Government
(b) Adivasi Mahasabha
(c) Ajsu
(d) Government of India

271. Which party was formed in Jharkhand in 1991?
(a) Jharkhand People’s Party
(b) Tribal People’s Party
(c) Birsa People’s Party
(d) C hhota Nagpur People’s Party

272. Who was the first chairman of the Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council, which was formed on June 9, 1995?
(a) Bandhu Tirkey
(b) Shibu Soren
(c) Surya Singh Besra
(d) A.K. Rai

273. Ulihatu, the birthplace of Birsa Munda, is in which district?
(a) C hatra (b) Gumla
(c) Palamu (d) Khunti

274. Doisagarh, the fort built by the Nagvanshi kings, is presently located in which district?
(a) Hazaribagh (b) Ramgarh
(c) Lohardaga (d) Gumla

Various Governance Arrangements Munda Administration System

275. According to one belief, with which tribe was the Munda tribe in conflict with in the arranging order of who arrived in Jharkhand first?
(a) Asura (b) Birhor
(c) Ho (d) C hik Baraik

276. What do the people of Munda tribe call their mausoleum?
(a) Sakari (b) Sasan
(c) Manki (d) Madwa

277. What does ‘khunt’ mean in the Munda tribe?
(a) Family
(b) Mountains
(c) Farm
(d) P lace of worship

278. What is the “group of villages” in the Munda community called?
(a) Jatra (b) P adha
(c) Akhada (d) Sarna

279. Which of the following is not an Administrative officer in Munda governance?
(a) Pandey (b) Mahto
(c) Karta (d) Lal

280. Manki is the administrative part of the system of which tribal community?
(a) Santhal (b) Ho
(c) Munda (d) Oraon

Nagvanshi Governance System

281. In the first century (64 AD) to whom was the Munda polity transferred?
(a) to Chero
(b) to Nagvanshi
(c) to Dhoklo Sohor
(d) to Oraon

282. To whom did the Nagavanshi kings ordered to collect tax?
(a) Khuntkattidar
(b) Zamindar
(c) Bhuihar
(d) Mansabdar

283. In 1616, which of the following kings was imprisoned in Gwalior fort due to non-payment of tax?
(a) Durjanashal
(b) Manimukut Rai
(c) P hanimukut Rai
(d) Hemant Rai

284. First time by which ruler asked “Nazrana” from Nagavanshi kings?
(a) Mughals (b) Maratha
(c) British (d) P al

Manjhi regime

285. Manjhi governance system is related to which tribe?
(a) Khadiya (b) Birhor
(c) Birjiya (d) Santhal

286. From which tribe did the Santhals receive the Manjhi governance system?
(a) Sauria Pahadia
(b) Asura
(c) Birhor
(d) Birjiya

287. Who in the Manjhi governance system does not help Manjhi?
(a) Giri (b) Lal
(c) Kotwar (d) Bhandari

288. In the Manjhi governance system the Gram Panchayat did not take decisions on which of the following subjects?
(a) Sexual offenses
(b) Theft
(c) Divorce
(d) Murder

289. What is the head of 70 to 80 villages in Manjhi regime called?
(a) Nayake (b) Sardar
(c) Bhandari (d) Godait

290. In the Santhal community, whose advice is considered important on labor and marriage opportunities?
(a) Jogmanjhi (b) Nayake
(c) Kotwal (d) Bhandari

291. In the Manjhi regime, by whom are the works of Manjhi done in his absence?
(a) Jogmanjhi (b) P ranic
(c) Chaudhary (d) Giri

292. In the Santhal community, the word ‘Bhagdo Praja’ has been used for?
(a) Priest
(b) Senior gentleman
(c) P eople from other village
(d) None of these

293. How many villages form a pargana?
(a) 5-10 (b) 8-13
(c) 10-15 (d) 15-20

294. ‘Bitlaha’ is the most popular harsh punishment of which tribal society?
(a) Munda (b) Khadiya
(c) Santhal (d) Gond

Doklo Sohor Governance System

295. The governance of Doklo Sohor belongs to which community?
(a) Khadiya (b) Sauria Pahadia
(c) Birhor (d) Oraon

296. Which of the following is the head of the Doklo Sohor system?
(a) Giri (b) C haudhary
(c) Kartaha (d) Lal

297. The person belonging to the Khadia community who performs pooja during the festival in the village is called .
(a) Kartaha (b) Nayake
(c) Negi (d) Pahan

298. How many years does the tenure of Doklo Sohor comprise of?
(a) 3 (b) 5
(c) 7 (d) 9

299. Which of the following is advisor to Khadiya king?
(a) Dewan (b) Accoutant
(c) Negi (d) Samaharak

300. What was the treasurer of Khadia king called?
(a) Lekhakar (b) Tinjoker
(c) Dewan (d) P adhakar

Oraon Tribe’s Governance System

301. According to the population of Jharkhand, which is the second largest tribe?
(a) Santhal (b) Munda
(c) Ho (d) Oraon

302. What is a person who cleans forest to make farms called?
(a) Bhuinhar
(b) Bhuiyan
(c) Bhagdo Praja
(d) Bharmuni

303. Who performs religious functions in Oraon community?
(a) Karta (b) Manjhi
(c) Nayake (d) P ahan

304. Which of the following is the head of the village in Oraon community?
(a) Mahto (b) Kartaha
(c) C haudhary (d) Oraon King

305. Which community has this major statement, “Pahan builds a village, Mahato runs a village?”
(a) Santhal (b) Ho
(c) Godait (d) Oraon

306. The practice of ‘Dudh Bhaiya’ village is prevelant in which of the following community?
(a) Oraon (b) Munda
(c) Ho (d) Birhor

Ho Tribe’s Governance System

307. Which tribe is the Manki Munda governance related to?
(a) Ho (b) Khadiya
(c) Asura (d) Bathudi

308. In which of the following tribes is the witch practice found?
(a) Khadiya (b) Sauria Pahadia
(c) Ho (d) None of these

309. By what name is the village head of the Ho tribe known as?
(a) Manki (b) Manjhi
(c) Mahato (d) Munda

310. In the Ho tribe governance system, what is an assistant to village head known as?
(a) Dakua (b) Nayake
(c) Jogmanjhi (d) Negi

311. Who among the following approved Kolhan’s Manki Munda governance system?
(a) Lord Ripon
(b) Thomas Wilkinson
(c) Lord Dalhousie
(d) Lord Lytton

Asura Tribe’s Governance System

312. Which of the following is not an official of Asur Panchayat?
(a) Baiga (b) P ujar
(c) Godait (d) Kotwal

313. Who does the work of a ‘messenger’ in the Asur tribe system?
(a) Baiga (b) Godait
(c) Lali (d) Negi


314. Who is the director of Asur Community Council?
(a) Kotwal (b) Nayake
(c) Baiga (d) P ahan

315. What does the Bathudi tribe call its village head?
(a) Mahato (b) P ahan
(c) Dehri (d) P radhan

316. Head of which tribe’s ethnic organisation is called ‘Dehri’?
(a) Asur (b) Baiga
(c) Birhor (d) Bathudi

317. The people of which tribe also call their village heads as ‘Ohdaar’?
(a) Bathudi (b) Bediya
(c) Asur (d) Kol

318. ‘Madi and Gaddi’ are the village heads of which tribe?
(a) Asur (b) Birhor
(c) Bathudi (d) Binjhiya

319. is a panchayat official related to Besra and Sprinter Tribes.
(a) Binjhiya (b) Birjia
(c) Baiga (d) Birhor

320. ‘Naye’ is the head of which tribe?
(a) Asur (b) Baiga
(c) Birjia (d) Birhor

321. Which of the following is an assistant to the head of the villages in Birhor tribe?
(a) Baiga (b) P ranik
(c) Jogmanjhi (d) Diguar

322. Who is the village head of the Baiga tribe?
(a) Mahato (b) Muqaddam
(c) Pahan (d) Nayake

323. Sayana and Sikhen are the titles of the assistants of the village heads of which tribe?
(a) Baiga (b) Birhor
(c) Chero (d) Asur

324. Which of the following does the work of messengers in the Baiga community?
(a) Sikhen (b) Nayake
(c) Charidar (d) Godait

325. ‘Chuhad’ was the surname of which tribe?
(a) Birhor
(b) Bhumij
(c) Sauria Pahadia
(d) Asura

326. Which tribe’s district head is called ‘Sabhapati’?
(a) Bhumij (b) C hik Baraik
(c) Chero (d) Asur

327. ‘Panare’ is an administrative part of the governance system of which tribe?
(a) Baiga (b) C hik Baraik
(c) Asur (d) Birjia

328. What was the village head of the Gond tribe called as?
(a) Sayana (b) Mahto
(c) Manjhi (d) None of these

329. Which tribe’s village head is also known as ‘Malik’?
(a) Gond (b) Godait
(c) Karmali (d) Baiga

330. To solve the complex problems of which of the following tribes does the ‘Sat Gavaiyan’ Panchayat sits at the Pargana level?
(a) Asur (b) Karmali
(c) Gond (d) Baiga

331. Who heads the Gram Panchayat of the Kanwar tribe?
(a) Malik (b) Raja
(c) P atel (d) P anare

332. Which tribe has a custom that a senior and a qualified person becomes the village head?
(a) Kanwar (b) Kharwar
(c) Khond (d) Gond

333. The Panchayat of which of the following tribe is called Chattipatti, Pachora or Satoura?
(a) Kharwar (b) Khond
(c) Kanwar (d) Karmali

334. ‘Gautia’ is the village head of which tribe?
(a) Khadiya (b) Gond
(c) Kharwar (d) Khond

335. Which was recognized as the 32nd tribe of Jharkhand in 2003?
(a) Kora (b) Kol
(c) Karmali (d) Kanwar

336. Which tribe has a majority of people from ‘B’ blood group?
(a) Khond (b) Gond
(c) Khadiya (d) Kol

337. ‘Bada Mukhiya’ is the village head of which tribe?
(a) Korba (b) Asura
(c) Baiga (d) Birhor

338. Godait and Diwan are the assistants of the village heads of which tribe?
(a) Mahali
(b) Kora
(c) Mal Pahadia
(d) Baiga

339. Bhaiyari and Jati Goth are the Panchayats of which community?
(a) Sauria Pahadia
(b) Gond
(c) Kharwar
(d) Parhaiya

340. Which of the following is the village head of the Parhaiya tribe?
(a) Manjhi (b) P ranik
(c) Mahto (d) Nayake

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