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121.The world’s most problematic aquatic weed, also known as ‘Terror of Bengal’ is
(a) Eichhornia Crassipes (Water hyacinth)
(b) Parthenium hysterophorus (Congress grass)
(c) Lantana Camara
(d) Cynodone dactylon (Doob grass)
Ans: (a) Eichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth) is the most problematic aquatic weed. It is also known as ‘Terror of Bengal’ because it grows at an alarming rate and spreads on the surface of the water body.

122. The abiotic property of virus is
(a) It cannot reproduce
(b) It does not have protein
(c) It does not have the genetic material
(d) It can be crystalised
Ans: (d) Abiotic property of water includes crystalisation. A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism.

123. Plant hormone that help in the ripening of fruits is
(a) Cytokinin (b) Gibberellins
(c) Auxin (d) Ethylene
Ans: (d) Ethylene hormone helps in the ripening of fruits. It is the first-identified plant hormone known to regulate numerous processes in plant growth, development and response to biotic and abiotic stresses.

124.Free living, anaerobic, nitrogen (N) 2 fixing bacteria found in soil is
(a) Clostridium (b) Rhizobium
(c) Azotobacter (d) Vibrio
Ans: (a) Clostridium bacteria freeliving, anaerobic and nitrogen fixing bacteria. It grows only in the absence of oxygen.

125.Which type of DNA is commonly found inside the cell?
(a) B-DNA (b) C-DNA (c) A-DNA (d) Z-DNA
Ans: (a) B-DNA is commonly found inside the cell. The B-DNA is double helix.

126. In 1853, India’s first passenger train runs between
(a) Calcutta to Alipur (b) Bombay to Thane
(c) Bombay to Pune (d) Calcutta to Damdam
Ans: (b) The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay to Thane on 16th April, 1853. The first train (Industrial) ran from Red Hills to Chintadripet bridge in 1837, in Madras Province.

127. Asia’s largest cattle fair is organised at
(a) Pushkar (b) Sonepur
(c) Haridwar (d) Nasik
Ans: (b) Sonepur cattle fair is held on full moon day in the month of November-December in Sonepur (Bihar) on the confluence of river Ganga and Gandak. It is the biggest cattle fair of Asia and Stretches on from fifteen days to one month.

128.National Integration Council was established in the year
(a) 1971 (b) 1961 (c) 1951 (d) 1981
Ans: (b) The National Integration Council was established in the year 1961. NIC is chaired by Prime Minister of India.

129. Inwhich of the followingArticles ofConstitution, the Right to Equality are mentioned?
(a) Articles-23-24
(b) Articles-14-18
(c) Articles-19-22
(d) Articles-25-28
Ans: (b) Right to equality is one of the six Fundamental Rights provided in the Constitution of India. Articles 14 to 18 of the Constitution states the provisions. related to the Right to Equality. The Constitutions of India grants fundamental rights to all the citizens of India, irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste or gender. It forms the foundation of all the other rights and liberties.

130.Which country has a flexible Constitution?
(a) America (b) China
(c) India (d) United Kingdom
Ans: (d) The Constitution of United Kingdom is a typical example of a flexible Constitution. It is unwritten and British Parliament is competent to pass, amend or any constitutional law is an ordinary legislative process as both constitutional laws and ordinary laws are treated alike. Indian Constitution is both rigid and flexible. American Constitution is an example of rigid one.

131.Hamlet is associated with which settlement?
(a) Linear (b) Rural (c) Fragmented (d) Urban
Ans: (b) In India four types of Rural Settlement are found (i) Compact (ii) Semi compact (iii) Hamlet (iv) Dispersed. Such settlements are found in West Bengal, eastern Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Coastal Plain.

132.Which is volcano mountain ?
(a) Appalachian (b) Ural
(c) Aravali (d) Kilimanjaro
Ans: (d) A volcano is a mountain that has lava coming out from a magma chamber under the ground or did have in past. The most important types of volcanic mountain are composite cones or stratovolcanoes. Such as Vesuvius in Italy, Fuji in Japan and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is highest volcanic mountain in the world.

133.Elephanta Island is located at
(a) Mumbai Coast (b) Goa Coast
(c) Kutch Coast (d) Ganga Delta
Ans: (a) Elephanta Island is situated near Mumbai coast. Many archaeologically important caves are there in island, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

134.Monsoon forests annual rainfall is
(a) 50-150 cm (b) 150-200 cm
(c) 70-200 cm (d) 70-100 cm
Ans: (c) Monsoon forests annual rainfall is 70-200 cm.Monsoon forests, also called as tropical deciduous forest. It occurs within 5° to 30° North and South of the equator.

135.Karbi Anglong Plateau is an extension of
(a) Tibet (b) Himalaya
(c) Peninsular plateau (d) Shan plateau
Ans: (c) Karbi-Anglong plateau is an extension of the main peninsular plateau, It is believed that due to the force exerted by the North- Eastward movement of the Indian plate at the time of the Himalayan.

136.Reservation for women in India is available in
(a) Cabinet (b) Vidhan Sabha (c) Lok Sabha
(d) Panchayati Raj Institutions 64 1 2 3 4 x 8 27
Ans: (d) Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) is a system of rural local self-government in India. PRI was constitutionalised through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992. As per provisions contained in Article-243D of the Constitution, 1 3 (one-third) seats of Panchayati Raj Institutions and 1 3 cone-third offices of the Chairperson at level covered by Part IX of the Constitution are reserved for women.

137. In order to be appointed as the Governor of a State, one must have attained the age of
(a) 50 years (b) 45 years (c) 35 years (d) 30 years
Ans: (c) According to Article-157, the minimum age for election to the post of Governor is 35 years. Apart from Governor, the minimum age for election to the post of President and Vice-President is 35 years.

138. Choose the right Code after comparing List I with List II List I List II
A. Indian Union 1. Prime Minister
B. State 2. Sarpanch
C. Corporation 3. Governor
D. Village Panchayat 4. Mayor Codes A B C D A B C D
(a) 1 3 4 2 (b) 2 3 4 1
(c) 4 1 2 3 (d) 3 4 1 2
Ans: (a) Prime Minister is the leader of the Executive of the Government of India l Governor is responsible for implementing state laws and overseeing the operation of the state executive branch. l Mayor is the leader of the city. He/she heads of the city government. l A Sarpanch/Pradhan is a decision maker, elected by the village-level constitutional body of local self-government (Gram Sabha).

139.When and where, Article-356 was used first?
(a) Jammu and Kashmir 1956
(b) Kerala 1959 (c) Bihar 1958
(d) Madhya Pradesh 1957
Ans: (b) Article 356 of the Constitution is imposed on state when the constitutional machinery fails. It was used for the first time in Punjab on 20th June, 1951. It was also used in the state of Patiala and East Punjab union and then during Vimochana Samaram to dismiss the democratically elected communist State Government of Kerala 31st July, 1959.

140.Which tax can be imposed by Nagar Nigam ?
(a) Toll tax (b) House tax
(c) Entertainment tax (d) All of these
Ans: (d) Tax imposed by Nagar Nigam are house tax, entertainment tax, property tax, toll tax, electricity, water and automobilise etc. Taxes are source of income for Nagar Nigam. Several taxes have been subsumed under the GST-like entertainment, purchase, service etc.

141. In which of the following regions Reindeer are found?
(a) Monsoon (b) Hot desert
(c) Tundra (d) Taiga
Ans: (c) Reindeer live in area of Arctic Tundra and the Northern boreal forests that make up the Southern edge of Tundra. According to IUCN, it’s conservation Status is least concern.

142.Which one of the following is not a temperate grassland?
(a) Downs (b) Compas (c) Pampas (d) Prairies
Ans: (b) Compass is not a temperate grassland. Temperate grasslands are found in the regions with temperate and Semi-arid to Semi-humid climates.

143. According to population size, the largest Continent is
(a) Asia (b) North America
(c) Europe (d) Africa
Ans: (a) List of continents by population (highest to lowest) Asia > Africa > Europe > North America > South America > Australia > Antarctica

144.Where does Tharu tribe live in India?
(a) Uttarakhand
(b) Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh
(c) Thar desert (d) Jharkhand
Ans: (b) Tharu tribe live in Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh. The Tharu are an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai in Southern Nepal and Northern India. In the Indian Terai, they live foremost in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The Government of India recognises the Tharu people as Scheduled Tribe.

145. Bhilai Steel Plant is situated in
(a) Chhattisgarh (b) Jharkhand
(c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Odisha
Ans: (a) The Bhilai Steel Plant is located in Bhilai, in the Indian State of Chhattisgarh. It was set-up with the help of USSR in 1955. It is operated by Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). It gets its supply of iron ore from Dalli Rajhara’s mines in Chhattisgarh.

146.Which is the example of sessile animal among following?
(a) Chiton (b) Leech
(c) Euplectella (d) Echinus
Ans: (c) Euplectella is the example of sessile animal. It is a genes of glass sponges which includes the well known venus, Flower Basket.

147.Unit of protein molecule is
(a) amino acid (b) fatty acid
(c) glucose (d) vitamin
Ans: (a) Unit of protein molecule is amino acid. An amino acid is an organic molecule that is made up of a basic amino group, an acidic corboxyl group and an organic R group.

148.Which organelle is absent in plant cell ?
(a) Vacuoles (b) Plastids
(c) Cellulose cell wall (d) Centrosome
Ans: (d) Centrosome organelle is absent in plant cell. It is an organelle that serves as the main microtubule organising center of the animal cell.

149.Largest gland in human body is
(a) adrenal gland (b) pituitary gland
(c) pancreas (d) liver
Ans: (d) Largest gland in human body is liver. In humans, it is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, below the diaphragm. It is an accessory digestive organ that produces bile.

150.State bird of Uttar Pradesh is
(a) House Sparrow (b) Peacock
(c) Sarus Crane (d) Parrot
Ans: (c) State bird of Uttar Pradesh is Sarus Crane. It is tallest among flying bird. It is conservation status is vulnerable in IUCN.

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