A hungry wolf was prowling in a nearby village when he heard a baby crying.

“Yum… a human baby. I am so eager to eat his sweet flesh,” thought the wolf. He crouched near the window of the house, when he heard a nurse’s voice.

“Be quiet now!” the nurse said, “If you cry again, I’ll give you to the wolf!”

“Cry baby, cry so that I can eat you,” thought the wolf. The hungry wolf waited all day but in vain. At night, the child started crying again. The wolf desperately crawled towards the window and looked inside. His stomach rumbled with hunger.

The wolf heard the nurse’s voice again. But this time even when the baby cried, the nurse didn’t hand over the baby to the wolf. He waited and waited. The baby stopped crying after sometime. The nurse closed the window and put the baby to sleep. Tired of waiting, the foolish wolf walked away, feeling disappointed and hungry!

Moral: Never trust an enemy’s promise.

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