1700 MCQs Indian Polity

Indian Polity and Governance 1. The Constitutional Development of India 1. In which of the following Acts, the provision was made for the establishment of Supreme Court at Calcutta? (A) Regulating Act, 1773(B) Pitt’s India Act, 1784(C) Charter Act, 1813(D) Charter Act, 1833Ans: (A) 2. Which Act of British Parliament abolished the East India Company… Continue reading 1700 MCQs Indian Polity

GK Book General Knowledge GK in English

Chapter 1 Ancient India The Early Man ▸ The fossils of the early human being have been found in Africa about 2.6 million years back, but there are no such evidence in India. So, it appears that India was inhabited later than Africa. ▸ The recent reported artefacts from Bori in Maharashtra suggest that the… Continue reading GK Book General Knowledge GK in English